Dr. Yehia Abd Alrahman
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Göteborgs Universitet
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Formal Methods Division
Phone: +46 31 772 60 54
Email: Göteborgs Universitet -- Research
Office: EDIT 5483
Address: Rännvägen 6B , 412 96 Göteborgs, Sweden

Chuangtse and Hueitse had strolled onto the bridge over the Hao, when the former observed, "See how the small fish are darting about! That is the happiness of the fish." "You are not a fish yourself," said Hueitse. "How can you know the happiness of the fish?" "And you not being I," retorted Chuangtse, "how can you know that I do not know?" (expressing the difference between a "knowledge" (EgroupΦ) and a "common knowledge" (CgroupΦ))
Open source code from my work on Attribute-based communication can be found on Github:

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